Neal Schlosburg | Artist | Portrait Photographer

1. Once we receive your finished story from our printer, it is thoroughly inspected.
2. If it passes our rigorous inspection, I sign, number, and date the back. If does not pass, we have the lab reprint it. On the rare occasion it does, you will be notified.
3. We use a highly regarded local framer to insure your finished Commissioned Portrait meets our rigorous standards. If your story is to be framed, after it passes our inspection, it goes to the framer. It is again, rigorously inspected before we accept it from the framer. Framed portraits are signed, numbered, and dated after this final inspection.
4. Your finished story can be picked up at our Rockville location. It can also be delivered within an hour (non-rush hour) driving distance from the Rockville Studio. There is no charge for this delivery.
5. Outside of the delivery area, there will be a delivery or shipping charge. These are priced at our charged rates. We use FedEx Home for these unless it is going to a business address. We use FedEx Ground for that.
Note – You will never receive a finished Commissioned Portrait that we would not confidently use in a public gallery exhibition.
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