Neal Schlosburg | Artist | Portrait Photographer

Your Maternity Experience
A pregnancy is a personal and singularly unique experience.  Your Maternity Portrait deserves to tell that story, your story. With A Portrait Like No Other, it can. Your Maternity Story is photographed between your eighth and ninth months, but it is never to early to contact us to discuss your options.
“…the stories are amazing! You really captured my happiness.”  – Heather, expectant mother
Your Commissioned Portrait
What is your compelling story? Is it a poignant moment or period in your life? Is it a journey to the unexpected? What is the tale you would like to preserve? Your story to share with generations to come, your memories to express as only you can with A Portrait Like No Other. Contact us to explore your Portrait options.
“Well done Neal! I had no idea I spoke with such expression.”  – Amanda, family memories
Your Business Legacy
Are you a creative artist, an agent, lawyer, or business owner looking for a new way to communicate your business on Social Media and Marketing materials or visually impact your office walls? Our Story Portraits can express your message with a look that is unique and timeless. We have options tailored to your business needs; contact us today.
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