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LensWork and the Seeing in Sixes Project – April to June 2017

In 2016, LensWork Magazine introduced the Seeing in Sixes project. The concept was simple: create six separate interrelated images. The idea was to stimulate photographers by using this concept. It was a way to jump-start the creative process. They would publish the 50 best projects they received. The submissions were worldwide. Several of my colleagues used the concept to start their projects. A few submitted theirs for consideration. Published annually, the last one was in 2019.​​​​​​​

The Challenge – July 2017
I met with Patty Hankins, a fellow photographer, to discuss my first solo exhibit opening in October 2018. We discussed much, but the one thing she emphasized as a centerpiece or anchor for the exhibition. It was titled The Color in Black & White. A black and white only exhibit. Towards the end of our discussion, Patty challenged me to do a Seeing in Sixes project, maybe something that might end up in the exhibition. Since I was familiar with the concept of Seeing in Sixes, I found it intriguing if not thought-provoking.
The First Six – October 4th, 2017
Towards the end of September, I had an idea that became the centerpiece for the upcoming exhibit. It would later become "My Picture Tells A Story." What if I had six people tell me their story, six different stories. What if I used six images on each canvas? It would be the ideal Seeing in Sixes project.
The Email
Once the concept was born, I needed six volunteers. I decided to take a chance and seek out volunteers where I work (my day job). That October was my eleventh year at Payroll Network. It is a wonderfully supportive company.
I sent an email to all my fellow team members at PNI:
6 Volunteers For A Photography Project
I am looking for 6 volunteers to help with a photography project I am undertaking.
It will take maybe 10 to 15 minutes to complete this with each volunteer. The photographs would be shot during a lunch period, before work or after work….your choice.
I am only looking to do one volunteer on any given day.
What it entails is this:
The finished photo strip will be in black & white and will be 6 shots instead of the 5 you see above. The finished photo strips will be part of my first solo exhibit that will be in October 2018 at the Artist & Makers II Gallery in Rockville. All the photographs that will be exhibited will be in black & white – The Exhibit Is Titled The Color in Black & White. Please don’t hesitate to talk with me before you volunteer if you need more info. This should be a lot fun for those that do volunteer. 😊
I received more than six volunteers. I took the first six. Johanna, Skyla, Erinn, Billy, Fekadu, and Tim brought "My Picture Tells A Story" to life. 
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