Neal Schlosburg | Artist | Portrait Photographer

Host An Exhibition

The exhibit consists of the first twenty stories as told between November 2017 and December 2019. Each story is printed on 20×30 archival paper and float mounted. Exhibit options range from the original six to all twenty prints.   Inquire

Impressions About the Series

A Tour De Force of Photography, Schlosburg’s portraits connect the viewer to universal but often unexpressed emotions and experiences – Barbara B.

Sensitive and Insightful, An opportunity to look into the intimate emotions of twenty people facing some of the greatest challenges of life – Bruce B.

Completely Original, Mr. Schlosburg has managed to capture raw emotions in a way that conveys more to the viewer than would written words – Andy S.

Creativity So Original and Emotional, Neal creatively captured the emotions visually of these people in such an original way….so beautifully, may I add – Ilene P.

Brilliant Concept, Never have I seen such a powerful presentation of photos that shows such emotion – Robert L.

Great Study in Humans, Great character study in people and what lies beneath the outward appearance and how a photo can tell a story of a person’s life – Michael G.

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