Neal Schlosburg | Artist | Portrait Photographer

1. Unless other arrangements have been made, all portrait stories are told at our Bethesda, Maryland Studio. There may be additional charges for story sessions outside of this Studio.
2. There is no time limit for your story. Past stories have run from 8 to 90 minutes. Please allow plenty of time for yours. Feeling pressed for time will be counterproductive.
3. Your appearance is entirely your choice. What you wear, your hair, make-up, with or without, is completely up to you.
4. Before you start your story, I will take a few test exposures to check the lighting.
5. You tell your story completely uninterrupted. I will not interact with you in any way verbally or physically. I will be listening to you while I photograph your story.
6. Maternity stories are usually told during the 8th to 9th month time frame.
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