A Potrait Like No Other

Your Commissioned Portrait

A Maternity Portrait Like No Other

Your Legacy, Uniquely Told

Your Story, A Memory To Live On

Your Adventure, A Gift To Be Treasured

Elegant Choices - Multiple Options
We offer numerous options for your Commissioned Portrait. You can proudly display your story in an elegant SoHo style black wood frame or on a timeless archival canvas Gallery Wrap. We have four optional frame upgrades, such as the classic Gallery black wood frame pictured here. A graceful float-mounted black wood frame for your canvas Gallery Wrap portrait is a stylish upgrade.

Keepsakes to last a lifetime, choose a stylish option to compliment your portrait with a maple or walnut wood box complete with commemorative folded cards or adorn your desk with a beautiful matte metal print.


Your Maternity Experience

A pregnancy is a personal and singularly unique experience.  Your Maternity Portrait deserves to tell that story, your story. With A Portrait Like No Other, it can. Your Maternity Story is photographed between your eighth and ninth months, but it is never to early to contact us to discuss your options.

“…the stories are amazing! You really captured my happiness.”  – Heather, expectant mother

Your Commissioned Portrait

What is your compelling story? Is it a poignant moment or period in your life? Is it a journey to the unexpected? What is the tale you would like to preserve? Your story to share with generations to come, your memories to express as only you can with A Portrait Like No Other. Contact us to explore your Portrait options.

“Well done Neal! I had no idea I spoke with such expression.”  – Amanda, family memories

Your Business Legacy

Are you a creative artist, an agent, lawyer, or business owner looking for a new way to communicate your business on Social Media and Marketing materials or visually impact your office walls? Our Story Portraits can express your message with a look that is unique and timeless. We have options tailored to your business needs; contact us today.


“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.” Robert Frank

“Professionals have a story to tell with their images. It’s rare that any of their work is created from a vacuum. Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, Richard Avedon, Mary Ellen Mark, and so many more, all leave an indelible personal stamp of themselves within each photograph they create. Having this ability to capture an image that comes from their heart, as much as it does from their mind, is a gift. My dear friend Neal Schlosburg has this gift.”

Jimi Giannatti, former Photo Editor for SPIN Magazine and past Photo Editor-in-Chief of Live Sounds Magazine

  • If we have not met before, schedule a time to meet at our Rockville, Maryland Studio, or by Zoom.
  • If we have met before, schedule your storytelling date and time. A 50% retainer is due at this time. At our Rockville Studio, online, or email.
  • Two days prior to your scheduled story date, a general idea of your topic (specifics are not necessary). This is for choosing the right backdrop and lighting.

Note – This is your personal story. It could be sad, joyful or both. Within reason, no topic is out of bounds, but it should be yours.

  • Unless other arrangements have been made, all portrait stories are told at our Rockville, Maryland Studio. There may be additional charges for story sessions outside of this Studio.
  • There is no time limit for your story. Past stories have run from 8 to 90 minutes. Please allow plenty of time for yours. Feeling pressed for time will be counterproductive.
  • Your appearance is entirely your choice. What you wear, your hair, make-up, with or without, is completely up to you.
  • Before you start your story, I will take a few test exposures to check the lighting.
  • You tell your story completely uninterrupted. I will not interact with you in any way verbally or physically. I will be listening to you while I photograph your story.
  • Maternity stories are usually told during the 8th to 9th month time frame.
  • Within the next 5 to 10 business days, your story will be ready for printing. To allow for maximum artist creativity, all finished stories are in Monochrome (Black and White).
  • The story rendering is the sole choice of the artist (Neal Schlosburg). Touch-ups are made solely for the benefit of the story.
  • Prior to printing, the balance of your investment is due.
  • Once we receive your finished story from our printer, it is thoroughly inspected.
  • If it passes our rigorous inspection, I sign, number, and date the back. If does not pass, we have the lab reprint it. On the rare occasion it does, you will be notified.
  • We use a highly regarded local framer to insure your finished Commissioned Portrait meets our rigorous standards. If your story is to be framed, after it passes our inspection, it goes to the framer. It is again, rigorously inspected before we accept it from the framer. Framed portraits are signed, numbered, and dated after this final inspection.
  • Your finished story can be picked up at our Rockville location. It can also be delivered within an hour (non-rush hour) driving distance from the Rockville Studio. There is no charge for this delivery.
  • Outside of the delivery area, there will be a delivery or shipping charge. These are priced at our charged rates. We use FedEx Home for these unless it is going to a business address. We use FedEx Ground for that.
Note – You will never receive a finished Commissioned Portrait that we would not confidently use in a public gallery exhibition.
  • This policy will be update as needed.
  • Masks are required at all times while at Artists and Makers Studios, including inside our Studio (Studio 17).
  • All associates of My Picture Tells A Story and A Portrait Like No Other will be masked at all times, including the story portion of the session.
  • Clients should remove their masks only during their story portion of the session. They must be put on immediately after they are finished telling their story.
  • Your story will not be shared with anyone without your signed consent.
  • Your information is private and will not be shared with anyone without your signed consent.
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You really did a beautiful job through your lens (and talents) in capturing our stories.
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All the stories are amazing! You really captured my happiness.
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Well done Neal! I had no idea I spoke with such expression.

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