Neal Schlosburg | Artist | Portrait Photographer

About the Artist

Professional Photographers MagazineArtsy Shark Featured Artists have showcased Neal Schlosburg’s unique portraits. He has been in numerous exhibitions as a solo and contributing artist.

The book My Picture Tells A Story has been on Amazon’s Best Sellers List for Black and White Photography.

Neal is a storyteller who uses his camera to bring to life portraits that are singular, vibrant, and distinct. These portraits have garnered the attention of Jimi Giannatti, former Photo Editor for SPIN Magazine and past Photo Editor-in-Chief of Live Sound Magazine – Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, Richard Avedon, Mary Ellen Mark, and so many more, all leave an indelible personal stamp of themselves within each photograph they create. Having this ability to capture an image that comes from their heart, as much as it does from their mind, is a gift. My dear friend Neal Schlosburg has this gift.

The Music Connection

White Wedding
Music has been an essential part of Neal Schlosburgs life, and unexpectedly it entered the creative process. Looking at one of his fine art images, a delicate white flower with linen-like petals, his dear friend Gail said it reminded her of a beautiful wedding dress. Neal heard Billy Idol’s White Wedding in his head instantly. He has used song and album titles or band names since then.

In His Own Words

My first involvement with photography wasn’t with a camera; it was in a developing lab at summer camp. There was a darkroom where we made contact sheets. While that experience was limited, it was a springboard into a creative future.

Through the growth years, my interest in portrait photography evolved. I started with business portraits. But along the way, I gravitated towards candid images of people. Along with Stieglitz, two other photographers influenced my work. The first was Herman Leonard, the legendary jazz photographer. I loved the real-time feelings that his images conveyed. The vibe of being in the room, front row center, watching, hearing, and feeling Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, and many others create music magic. 
The other was brilliant photographer Jimi Giannatti. Jimi’s iconic work on Through These Eyes, portraits of seven iconic African American artists living and working in Los Angeles, gave me a window into their souls through his masterful lens. These three photographers gave me the building blocks for My Picture Tells A Story.

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